Sectoral Growth Forecasts

In addition to their regular forecasts, once a year we survey our panellists in Latin American Consensus Forecasts (in August) and Eastern Europe Consensus Forecasts (in July) for their projections for growth in a range of economic sectors, based on conventional GDP output breakdowns used in the individual countries.


Latin American Consensus Forecasts Eastern Europe Consensus Forecasts
Argentina Venezuela Czech Republic Estonia
Brazil Colombia Hungary Latvia
Chile Peru Poland Lithuania
Mexico Russia Romania
Turkey Slovakia
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Croatia Ukraine


The table below shows a sample of the data for Chile from one of our surveys of forecasts for Sectoral Growth (in this case, from our August 2017 Latin American Consensus Forecasts survey), together with textual analysis from the same publication.

Chile - Sectoral GDP Growth

Chile posted its third straight year of sluggish growth in 2016, with output tumbling to +1.6% as mining and manufacturing slipped into negative territory, while a marked slowdown was reported in most of the other key sectors. The country’s lacklustre performance is projected to continue into this year given that real GDP growth is now set to slow to 1.4%, led by an expected drop in mining and construction output, along with negligible growth in the manufacturing sector. Falling copper prices have led to a drop in investment in the mining sector as well as a decline in mining output in recent years.

A portion of text from Latin American Consensus Forecasts, August 14, 2017.