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We poll more than 700 respected economists each month through a series of rigorous surveys to obtain their forecasts and views. Our simultaneous monthly surveys of more than 85 countries cover forecasts for the principal macroeconomic indicators, including GDP growth, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates and other local indicators. The incoming data are checked and verified by our teams of experts in London, who then provide unbiased and insightful written analysis of the latest developments and risks to the economic and financial outlook.

Reviewing a sample copy will enable you to evaluate how a Consensus Forecasts™ publication and data can add value and credibility to your planning and investment decisions. A Consensus Forecasts™ publication may also help you to rationalize the heavy flow of undated, imprecise or conflicting opinions which you may currently receive.

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Consensus Forecasts™ – USA

Consensus Forecasts™ - USA

Current Economics – Non-Academic Journal

Current Economics - Non-Academic Journal