2020 Publication Schedules

Our monthly publications entail a Survey Date (the date on the cover of the publication, when we expect our panellists’ survey responses), normally the second Monday or third Monday of each month. The publication and data are then checked and sent to clients on their Release Date (table below).

Quantitative Users can download a CSV file of the Survey Dates and Release Dates here.

Publications and Excel files are distributed to email subscribers in the evening (London Time) of the Release Date and sent by post to hardcopy subscribers the following day.

Continuous Consensus Forecasts (for CF, APCF, EECF and LACF)

The monthly results from our four regional surveys (above) are updated continuously between monthly surveys to provide more high-frequency expectations via this ancillary product.

Long-Term Forecasts

Long-Term forecasts from our regional surveys are released quarterly in Excel format. For more details please email us. The release schedule is as follows.


All dates are tentative.