Consensus Forecasts Global Outlook: 2023-2033

Consensus Economics publishes each year a comprehensive annual report containing individual country, regional and world long-term forecasts for the global economy. This 36-page document covers over 50 countries, listed below, which represent over 90% of the ~US$90 trillion world economy on a GDP basis.

The publication includes separate analyses with country and regional aggregate survey data for:

  • Gross Domestic Product Growth
  • GDP per Head
  • Consumer Spending Growth
  • Exchange Rates
  • Country Rankings
  • Current Account Balances
  • Population Trends and Projections
  • Consumer Price Inflation
  • Industrial Production Growth
  • Investment Growth
  • Economic Policy Indicators
  • GDP Weights
  • Private Consumption per Head
  • Commodity Prices
Published at a time of heightened political uncertainty in the global economy, this report includes precise forecasts at both the short- and long-term horizons.
  • Will a consumer-led recovery in the United States and Canada continue in the face of public discussion of a potential recession?
  • What will be the impact of ongoing wars in Ukraine and elsewhere on the Eastern Europe and Euro zone economies?
  • Will rising inflation and interest rates halt growth in the G7 & Western European economies? Will higher growth rates impact Eastern Europe and Latin America even more strongly?
  • Will pressure to reduce global emissions lead to slower growth in China and India?
Moreover, in addition to projections for key macroeconomic indicators, we are also including:
  • Government budget balance forecasts out to 2027, providing an indication of how much borrowing will take place over the coming years.
  • Forecasts out to 2050 for both GDP growth and inflation, providing a snapshot of an economy's potential growth over the long-term.

Countries Featured

Argentina Finland Mexico Spain
Australia France Netherlands Sweden
Austria Germany New Zealand Switzerland
Belgium Greece Norway Taiwan
Brazil Hong Kong Peru Thailand
Bulgaria Hungary Philippines Turkey
Canada India Poland Ukraine
Chile Indonesia Portugal United Kingdom
China Ireland Romania United States
Colombia Italy Russia Venezuela
Croatia Japan Singapore Vietnam
Czech Republic Latvia Slovakia Euro zone
Denmark Lithuania Slovenia
Estonia Malaysia South Korea  



All Major Countries Included

Brings together forecast data for over 50 countries representing 91% of the world economy into one easy-to-use publication.

Long Term Perspective

With forecasts going forward to 2050, along with historical data going back 10 years to 2013, the report is a useful reference and planning resource. The publication also comments on changes in long term forecasts in recent surveys.

Individual Countries and Variables

Separate country data and analysis of a variety of variables such as GDP, inflation, consumption, investment, industrial production and the current account. The publication also includes long-term consensus forecasts for selected commodities.

Regional Aggregates

Various weighted regional aggregates, for the G-7, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Euro zone, Asia Pacific and Latin America have been calculated for both historical data and long term consensus forecasts by country.

Express Delivery

The report is rushed to you by express mail as soon as your order is received. For those providing their e-mail address on the subscription form below we also send a copy in PDF format.

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