Current Economics – Non-Academic Journal

Articles from the March 2022 issue:
  • Headwinds to the Global Economy from Ukraine and Fed Tightening
  • Is Russia the New Iran as a Result of Sanctions?
  • Sub-Saharan Africa Insights
  • Don't Let the Strong US Job Market Fool You, Economic Distress is High
  • Will the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Cloud Indonesia's Growth Outlook?
  • The Elephant is Still in the Room
  • Oil - Russia/Ukraine Impact
Articles from the April 2022 issue:
  • Is the Financial Sector Underestimating the Costs Associated with the Green Transition
  • Seeking Independence From Russian Energy
  • Africa's Mining Operations Will Benefit From Elevated Prices
  • Korea: The BOK Hikes and We Believe it's the Final Hike / Korea: A More Balanced Assessment from the Incoming BOK Governor
  • Commodities Daily - Gold Attempts a Breakout