Each publication contains detailed individual analyst and average (mean) price forecasts for the next 8 quarters, as well as the long-term outlook (forecasts for the upcoming 10 year period).
Our ilmenite forecasts are based on long-term contract prices for titanium ilmenite bulk of 54% TiO2. The table below shows the consensus forecasts of our panellists from the June 2015 survey.
Ilmenite Price Forecasts from June 15, 2015 Survey (US$/tonne)
Survey spot = US$130.0e Consensus (mean) % change from spot High Low
June '15 140.8 +8.3% 185.0 100.0
Sep. '15 147.4 +13.4% 190.0 120.0
Dec. '15 150.5 +15.8% 190.0 120.0
Mar. '16 159.8 +22.9% 200.0 130.0
Download a sample below to see a complete table of forecasts, charts and long-term price outlook
e = consensus estimate

A complete sample issue of the publication, which also includes Consensus Forecasts™ for Rutile, Tin, Cobalt, Manganese, Molybdenum and Zircon, as well as base, ferrous and precious metals, can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the link below.