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Consensus Economics, founded in 1989, is the world's leading international economic survey organization and polls more than 700 economists each month to obtain their forecasts and views. These surveys cover estimates for the principal macroeconomic indicators including GDP growth, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates in over 85 countries, as well as energy and metal prices [more about us].

Energy & Metals
Consensus Forecasts™

Energy & Metals Consensus Forecasts is the result of a comprehensive monthly survey of the world’s most prominent commodity forecasters covering over 30 individual commodities, including crude oil, coal, natural gas, aluminium, copper, nickel, iron ore, steel, ilmenite and gold.

The only publication of its kind, it contains detailed individual analyst and average (mean) price forecasts for the next 8 quarters, in-depth graphical analysis and the long-term price outlook to 2027. Download a free sample copy

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Foreign Exchange Consensus Forecasts™

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Detailed coverage of the US dollar, Yen and Euro along with forecasts for 37 major currencies and analysis of 54 additional currencies.

Energy & Metals Consensus Forecasts™

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Comprehensive quarterly survey of over 30 of the world's most prominent commodity forecasters covering over 25 individual commodities.

Consensus Forecasts™ - USA

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A comprehensive outlook for the United States economy, covering 15 macroeconomic variables over a 2 year forecast horizon.

Current Economics - Non-Academic Journal

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A non-academic journal including 7-10 articles each month by leading international economists and forecasters from around the world.